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In one way or another we are all waiting. Even those who seem to have it all are still waiting on something. There may be a young athlete who’s waiting for his wildest dreams to come true. There may be a young lady waiting on an acceptance letter to a university. A married couple may be waiting to find out if they’re giving birth to a boy or a girl. There may be an individual waiting for lab results from his most recent doctor’s visit. We are all in the same boat. Waiting. Waiting for change. Waiting for answers. Waiting for healing. Waiting for things to get better. No matter how good life gets, every living human being will always be in need of something.

With a thriving Facebook audience of over 1.5 million, Marcus Gill has become a respected source of encouragement for those who find themselves struggling in their waiting season.

He encourages you to trust God’s timing by helping you discover: 
* Why God makes us wait
* Why we can trust His timing 
* Why we must have a vision, goal, and plan while we wait 
* Why we must worship to see breakthrough


What others are saying about EVERYBODY WANTS TO WIN

Marcus Gill is one of the most energetic, genuine, and consistent persons that I’ve met in a long time. He is focused to a fault. And every time I speak with him, I hear this scripture ringing in my ears. “And your young men shall see visions” (Acts 2:17). A visionary with a passion for people and Christ has become a rarity, but that is one of the first things that you notice about him in any one-on-one interaction.

—"The Walk" blog, Gospel Today magazine

Marcus Gill is a millennial who is making major moves as a minister who understood the will of God and the calling it’s had on his life. He prides himself and focuses on bridging the gap of ages, cultures, as well as society, by always giving a message that is relative to all his listeners.

—Patrice Tartt, Black Enterprise magazine

Every day there are new leaders born and they are speaking “CHANGE” to our nation. This country has experienced many tragedies throughout the years and there are those of you that have experienced them in your personal lives, but it’s voices like Marcus Gill that encourage, motivate, and inspire this generation to never give up for there is hope even in the midst of the storm.

—Tenille Livingston, The Huffington Post


Marcus Gill

Marcus Gill is founder of Marcus Gill Ministries based in New Haven, Connecticut. He attended Winston-Salem State University and has completed certified coursework at Harvard University in the area of religious literacy. Gill has appeared on numerous radio programs, on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Turning Point International TV show, and on Total Christian Television and the Word Network. Gill is a world-traveling motivational speaker, preacher, and social media minister with more than a million followers on Facebook. He is also the author of Under Construction and Okay, Single God Life, 10 Ways to Stay Free, Happy Single You, and Psalm Saturday. He is happily married to his best friend, Dominique.



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